Our kennel Pillow Gold is located in the Beskydy Mountains, in the foothills of Velky Javornik and Veřovice hills, which offers incredible opportunities for walks, hikes and training of goldens with a big golden heart.

The story of the kennel “Pillow Gold” began in 2018, when we brought our first golden Toby from the kennel Happiness of Gold heart from Mr. and Mrs. Kukan.Our wish was to have a wonderful family companion and pet and Toby exceeded our wishes. He grew up to be a beautiful, now breeding dog, which is successful both hunting and show. I will never forget the first time we met him, a little furball with big eyes and a smile, when he confirmed with his bark that he wanted to be part of our family. Toby was chosen with his heart, and that’s how it should be…, listen when you choose a puppy.

Gradually our dog pack grew with two ladies Wigi and Faith. My doggies are from the land of tulips and windmills. From an Anglo-Dutch kennel with a long tradition and experience. Timea and Jozef Kukan, breeders and also friends, who have been part of my life since I got Toby from them, helped me with the selection of the doggies, when the important criteria were pedigree and health of the dogs. And actually, they are the cause of everything😊 Thanks to their support and advice I have been getting more and more into the world of goldens, shows and hunting training. My dogs have become a part of my life, which is full of dog shenanigans, joy, love but also hair😊

And here the story ends…. and a new story will begin with the arrival of new puppies. The first litter A, is planned for January 2023.

And why “Pillow Gold”?

In order to understand the name, it is good to know something about these golden nuggets. Golden Retrievers belong to FCI group 8 – retrievers, sniffers, water dogs and retrievers. Because of their calm and balanced affectionate nature they excel not only as family companions but also as working dogs. Simply by their activity they are destined for many activities. But first of all, they are hunting dogs with a good temperament and beautiful appearance, great at finding dead or wounded game and not eating it. They have good swimming abilities and a thick waterproof coat, which is fully exploited when hunting ducks or other waterfowl. These dogs love to fetch, to carry something in their mouths, to bring it to the leader, and with the grace with which they do this no other dog can equal them. And now we come to the heart of the matter. My dogs, every time they greet us, they have to carry something in their mouths. And more often than not, it’s a pillow. They carry them, or they lie down with them, just wherever they are, they have a pillow with them. Whenever a visitor comes, the first thing they bring is a pillow. And that is why, when designing the kennel, the name “Pillow Gold” was not missing and probably the ČMKU (Czech-Moravian Kennel Union) liked this name so much that they chose this one from the suggested names.